Anti-Spam Policy

Spam entails email which is commercial or unwanted bulk e-mail such as ‘junk mail’ which the recipient has not asked for. It is invasive and normally unimportant or unpleasant and it misuses precious resources.

Unsuitable newsgroup activities, which entail too much posting of similar materials to numerous newsgroups are also regarded as spam.

Coinsbe does not accept SPAM or any kind of UCE in this program. Violators of this SPAM policy are instantly going to be permanently blocked from using the service.

We restrict the transmission of unwanted mass emails or uncalled for emails of any type in regard to promoting the services offered by Coinsbe.

In case any agency for law enforcement, internet supplier, web hosting supplier or other individual or entity notifies us that you might have taken part in sending unwanted emails or might have participated in otherwise illegal behaviour or behaviour in breach of a supplier of internet service terms of service, we retain the right to assist them in any inquiry connected to your acts, such as revelation of your account data. For more information, please consult our Privacy Policy.